The workshop is composed of 4 sessions:

1. Heating and acceleration of the solar corona and solar wind.

2. Structure and dynamics of the plasma and magnetic fields at the sources of the solar wind.

3. Particle acceleration and transport from the corona into the inner heliosphere.

4. Solar Probe Plus Synergies: maximizing scientific return in conjunction with the Heliophysics Observatory System and ground based assets.

Currently, submissions are accepted as posters only on a first come first serve basis. Maximum poster size is 82 in (horizontal) x 36 in (vertical).

At present we stand at 80 participants, and we can accomodate up to about 100, so if you have friends and/or colleagues who may be interested by all means let them know.

We hope to see you in Pasadena!

The Scientific Organizing Committee: Marco Velli, Stuart Bale, Rob Decker, Nicola Fox, Lika Guhathakurta, Tim Horbury, Russ Howard, Justin Kasper, Milan Maksimovic, Dick Mewaldt, Dave McComas, Adam Szabo, Angelos Vourlidas

The Local Organizing Committee: Marco Velli, Dick Mewaldt, Paulett Liewer, Mark Wiedenbeck, Olga Panasenco, Alan Cummings, Neil Muerphy, Tulasi Parashar, Anna Tenerani

The first Solar Probe Plus Workshop will take place at the Beckman Institute auditorium, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, from March 26th to 29th, 2013. SPP1 will introduce the Heliophysics community to the mission and prepare for the exciting discoveries that the Solar Probe Plus mission will make. The Workshop will explore the scientific objectives of the Solar Probe Mission and how the direct exploration of the corona and inner heliosphere will lead to advances in our understanding of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration, the magnetic and plasma structure of the heliosphere, and the acceleration of energetic particles at shocks and flares. The workshop will inspire research that will make use of the SPP observations within the context of the NASA Heliophysics Observatory System and identify key areas for preparatory research. Synergistic observations from other ground based and space based assets will also be addressed.

• Download the workshop's FINAL program here:  Program.pdf