First Joint Solar Probe Plus-Solar Orbiter Workshop

September 2-4, 2015 -- Florence, Italy

"The Origins of the Heliosphere"

The first joint Solar Probe Plus - Solar Orbiter Workshop will take place in Italy in the outskirts of Florence at the Villa "La Ferdinanda", Artimino, Italy, from September 2nd to 4th, 2015. The aim of the joint workshop is to gather the Heliophysics community to discuss the exciting new science opportunities that the Solar Orbiter (SO) and Solar Probe Plus (SPP) missions will provide and examine the important synergies between the two missions, leading to a strong collaboration for major advances in our understanding of the origins of the Heliosphere.

The Workshop will address how the joint exploration of the corona and inner heliosphere will lead to advances in our understanding of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration, the magnetic and plasma structure of the heliosphere, and the acceleration of energetic particles at shocks and flares. The workshop will inspire research that will make use of SO and SPP observations within the context of the NASA Heliophysics Observatory System and identify key areas for preparatory research. Synergistic observations from other ground based and space based assets will also be addressed.

The workshop, over 3 days, will cover the following topics:

1. Heating and acceleration of the solar corona and solar wind.

2. Structure and dynamics of the plasma and magnetic fields at the sources of the solar wind.

3. Particle acceleration and transport from the corona into the inner heliosphere.

The workshop will be preceded by a joint SO-SPP working group that is by invitation only, held from Monday August 31st through Tuesday September 1st lunchtime. Further information may be obtained by contacting Marco Velli (mvelli at

There is ample room for posters, that will be up throughout the meeting, and there are numerous rooms for collaborative work and discussions.  Maximum poster size is 80cm horizontal x 140cm vertical (~ 31in x 55in).

The registration fee is US $ 325 payable using the registration link above. Online registration will be available until June 1. After June 1, a registration fee of 375 Euros will be required,  payable in cash on site only.

Abstract submission deadline is June 15.

We hope to see you in Artimino, Florence!

Scientific Organizing Committee

Marco Velli,  UCLA, USA (Chair)

Ester Antonucci,  INAF, Italy

Stuart Bale, UC Berkeley, USA

Mats Carlsson, University of Oslo, Norway

Mihir Desai, SWRI, USA

Nicola Fox, APL, USA

Madhulika Guhathakurta, NASA, USA

Tim Horbury, Imperial College, UK

Justin Kasper,  University of Michigan, USA

Säm Krucker, FHNW, Switzerland

Milan Maksimovic, LESIA, France

Daniel Müller, ESA

Chris Owen, MSSL, UK

Angelos Vourlidas, APL, USA

Robert Wimmer-Schwengruber, CAU Kiel, Germany

Joachim Woch, MPS, Germany

Andrei Zhukov, ROB, Belgium

Local Organizing Committee

Marco Velli,  UCLA, USA (Chair)

Ester Antonucci,  INAF, Italy

Alessandro Bemporad,  INAF, Italy

Roberto Bruno,  IFSI, INAF, Italy

Raffaella D'Amicis, IFSI, INAF, Italy

Luca Del Zanna,  University of Florence, Italy

Mauro Focardi, University of Florence, Italy

Luca Franci, University of Florence, Italy

Simone Landi,  University of Florence, Italy

Emmanuel Masongsong, UCLA, USA

Lorenzo Matteini,  Imperial College, UK

Fulvia Pucci,  University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy

Franco Rappazzo,  Advanced Heliophysics, USA

Marco Romoli, University of Florence, Italy

Daniele Telloni, INAF, Italy

Anna Tenerani, UCLA, USA

Andrea Verdini, University of Florence, Italy

Maximum poster size:

  80cm horizontal x 140cm vertical

~ 31in x 55in

Posters List published

Workshop program published

Abstract submission  deadline -

June 15, 2015

Online registration deadline -

June 1, 2015

Hotel reservation deadline - 04/15/2015

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