First Joint Solar Probe Plus-Solar Orbiter Workshop

September 2-4, 2015 -- Florence, Italy

"The Origins of the Heliosphere"

Poster Presentations

A pdf copy of the posters list can be downloaded here: JointSPPSO_SCPosters.pdf

Maximum Poster Size is 80cm horizontal x 140cm vertical (~ 31in x 55in)

1. C. Froment Evidence for evaporation-incomplete condensation cycles in warm solar coronal loops

2. L. Sorriso Valvo Radial evolution of the third order moment scaling in solar wind data: incompressible and compressible turbulent cascade and heating.

3. R. Marino Validation of the Chandran model for intermittency in the inner heliosphere

4. G. De Vita Sign Singularity, cancellation analysis and complexity of magnetic structures in solar active regions

5. A. Voschepynets Relaxation of electron beam in plasma with density fluctuations

6. A. Greco Heavy Ion Acceleration at Jet Fronts

7. A. Walsh Solar Orbiter Science Operations - Not a Typical Heliophysics Mission

8. F. Pucci Particle transport in intermittent magnetic turbulence: numerical simulations.

9. M. Kretchmar On the scaling of flare fluence in the extreme ultraviolet

10. I. Plotnykov Comparing Corotation Interaction Region catalogues derived from white-light Heliospheric images and in-situ measurements.

11. Z. Ehsan Collisionless Ion Heating and Acceleration of Solar Wind

12. K. Kozarev The Coronal Automated Analysis of SHocks and Waves (CASHeW) Framework

13. V. Reville From Solar to stellar corona: the role of wind, magnetism and rotation

14. S. Landi The ideal tearing mode: resistive 2-D MHD simulations

15. L. Del Zanna Solar wind expansion effects in MHD simulations of parametric decay of large amplitude Alfven waves

16. S. Brun On solar dynamo and variability

17. B. Lavraud Magnetic Flux Erosion and Redistribution during CME Eruption and Propagation

18. A. Fludra What can we learn from EUV spectra observed by the SPICE spectrometer?

19. R. Howard Observations of the F-Corona from Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus

20. J. Stenborg A heuristic approach to remove the white-light background on heliospheric images

21. K. Krupar The 2013 November 29 coronal mass ejection and its radio signatures

22. C. Salem Solar Wind Core Halo and Strahl Electrons at 1 AU: Properties, Regulation & Constraints

23. Z. Voros Turbulence generated by unstable flux tubes in the solar wind

24. A. Aran Peak intensities of solar energetic particle events at heliocentric distances <1 AU

25. K. Tsinganos Low-Cost Near-Lossless Compression for PROBA-3 ASPIICS Coronagraph Images

26. O. Khabarova Large-scale structure of the heliospheric current sheet in the inner heliosphere: observations versus models

27. K. Tsinganos Spectroscopic observations using of the pre-eruptive configuration prior to the ejection of two CMEs from the Active Region NOAA 11429

28. K. Tsinganos HORIZON 2020 ‘HESPERIA’ Project: High Energy Solar Particle Events Forecasting and Analysis

29. P. Whittlesey Predictions for the SWEAP Faraday Cup: Impact of Measurement on SPP Achievable Science

30. N. Vilmer X-ray emissions from reconnecting twisted coronal loops

31. G. Zank Particle acceleration via reconnection processes in the supersonic solar wind

32. B. Leamon The Highs And Lows of Solar Activity

33. R. Dahlburg Observational Signatures of Coronal Loops Heating and Cooling Driven by Footpoint Shuffling

34. M. Desai Spectral Properties of Large Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events

35. O. Panasenco Origins of Hot and Cold Plasma in Solar Filaments and Their Photospheric, Chromospheric and Coronal Environment

36. G. Ho Measurements of Suprathermal Ions in the inner Heliosphere from Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus

37. M. Wiedenbeck Transport in 3He-rich SEP Events: Observations from ACE and STEREO and Speculations about What May Be Seen Close to the Sun

38. P. C. Liewer Synthetic White-light Imagery for the Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe Plus (WISPR)

39. C. Wendeln Tracking Transition Region Network Jets to Coronal Structures

40. F. Rappazzo Current Sheets Formation in Magnetically Confined Coronae: Equilibria and Dynamics

41. F. Pucci et al. “Ideal” Tearing in the Hall Regime

42. M. Martinovic et al. Quasi-thermal noise on Solar Orbiter: Shot noise corrections due to antenna charging

43. K. Korreck et al. Multipoint measurements across Interplanetary Shocks in front of Coronal Mass Ejections

44. T. Horbury Short, intense velocity spikes in the inner heliosphere

45. R. Susino Analysis of VL and UV observations of an erupting prominence and comparison with non-LTE radiative transfer model

46. D. Mueller 3D Visualization of Solar Data: Preparing for Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus

47. A. Tenerani Wave propagation in the accelerating expanding solar wind

48. C. De Forest Interpreting Wispr Image Sequences: Status Report And Progress

49. D. Del Sarto Flux rope collision and merging in the inertial MHD regime